I’m Nicole & I want to help you improve your content & grow your brand so you can win more sales.

I work with business owners and marketers creating specific types of content.

You have probably worked with other freelancers or agencies and either they:

Created content you had to end up rewriting because it was garbage.

Missed deadlines, phone calls, or did something else that was super rude and unprofessional.

Kept you in the dark about your project.

Had an ego that was more fragile than a Ming vase and the personality of a toad.

I get it. I heard the horror stories. Let me put your mind at ease (if I can) and tell you that I am:

Totally invested in your project from start to finish with daily/semi daily communication

ALWAYS meeting my deadlines and 1000% professional

✅ Quite frankly, I’m not a douchbag (I hate them) and I’m super easy to work with

With more than 16 years of copywriting and marketing experience to my name, I’ve written for a wide variety of companies —health and fitness, industrial, engineering, and water supply companies. I’ve written 100’s of reports, business plans and lead magnets over the course of my career.

I started out writing my own content (although I didn’t know at the time it was content marketing) for my clients in my personal training business. I did then what I do for my clients now-create valuable, buyer specific content that speaks to their needs.

I know my strengths and I know the type of content that I write best. More important than that, I know your buyers because at one time I was one of those buyers. I know the type of content they need.

Your website and content are two of your greatest assets. You can make them work for you if you put out valuable, relevant, buyer-specific content that’s also on brand, on message, and persuasive.

By the time a prospect visits your website, they’re all primed to buy because they have already done their Google due diligence. So let me help you make sure your buyers can find the content they’re looking for.

Your time is important and I have the utmost respect for that time. That’s why I always meet my deadlines and submit only the absolute best version of the piece you hired me to write.

If we find out during our call that I’m not a good match for your project, then we’ll say goodbye, no hard feelings. I’d rather let you go to someone else than waste each other’s time.

Experienced copy and content writer.

Want to create better, higher converting content?