Content Marketing & Brand Strategy

Your blueprint to better converting content

Content Marketing Strategy

What if creating content was easier? Well it can be. IF you have a solid content strategy behind your efforts.

Content strategy is the boat that carries your content passengers to the right destination: sales.

Like an actual boat, you want your content strategy to be strong and leak proof.

Content strategy involves:

  • Learning about your product/service, particularly what problem or pain point your product/service solves for your audience.
  • Learning about your typical buyers and creating a buyer and content persona.
  • Identifying the keywords you should be targeting and creating content around.
  • Building authority and creating content that builds your brand.
  • Creating an editorial calendar and building a repeatable process for measure your content ROI.

Brand Guide

Your company either has a brand or NEEDS to have a brand.

What is your specialty?

What is it that makes your product or service’s solution BETTER than your competitors (your USP)?

A brand guide covers all this and more. I will work with you and your team to put together a brand guide for your company that tells your audience:

  • Who you are.
  • What you do and who you serve.
  • How you serve your buyers better than your competitors.

My Fees & Delivery

Content Marketing Strategy:

Starting at $2000

Your content strategy will be delivered to you in a Word document or a PDF (whatever you prefer).

The process can take 7-10 days, depending on how long customer interviews take.

Want to create better, higher converting content?