My process starts once we agree on the scope & terms of your project.

After the contract is signed and payment is made I will:

Always start with your current content.

For emails, blogs, and white papers, I start with interviews with your product/service development team, sales team, and customer support team. Why? This will help me understand your buyers’ frustrations, needs, and goals to address in the copy I write.

Next, I do a content audit and look at what’s been performing well and not so well. I also take the time to learn your style and brand voice.

For case studies, it’s important to have a SME (subject matter expert) chosen to be the point person to interview. Then I will set up phone meetings with your SME’s right away. I have email templates I use to get a quick response.

Once I have my interviews done, I begin to outline the case study and write the first draft.

Planning for your fresh new content.

After the interviews and content audit are done, I go into more industry research. Then I begin to outline and prepare to write the copy for your project.

**Important: A huge part of meeting my deadlines and having what I need to complete my task is email communication. If there is something I need from you during the project, it is VITAL that I hear from you in a timely manner. Email is my preferred communication method in order to complete my work.

Submission and final approval.

I ALWAYS submit the best version of the copy you paid for, never lackluster junk. Once you look it over, if you find for whatever reason it’s not quite what you wanted, I will work with you to do what it takes to make it right.

I work very hard to make sure my clients are pleased with my work.

Want to create better, higher converting content?