Our Services

We consistently provide high quality marketing services simply because we don't try to be a jack of all trades copy team. Doing a few things REALLY well allows us to offer our clients high quality products. We specialize in these B2B copy projects:

Emails & Landing Pages

Email is still king when it comes to B2B communication. With a 3800% ROI how can you go wrong? We can help you create emails and landing pages that get more opens, clicks, and qualified leads.

Starting at $750

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing can mean an almost endless supply of leads. When done well, you can have more sales from more qualified leads and more traffic to your site. But this can only happen if executed properly. Let's get started with a content marketing strategy today.

Starting at $3200  

Lead Magnet Creation

White papers and case studies are great lead magnets. Same with infographics. Content that is useful to your audience and consistent on message can result in more qualified leads for your sales team. 

Starting at $850

SEO Content/Keyword Research

Google is still the most used search engine in the world. This means the content you create has to work well with their ever changing algorithms. Why spend your valuable time with this when you can delegate this task to us-experts in SEO content creation and Google guidelines? We can perform keyword research on your particular industry and competitor analysis. We will use this to create quality content around those keywords.

Starting at $1200

Direct Mail Content

We know our world is digital, but you also want to stand out in this cluttered and noisy space. What better way to do that than a well written sales letter or informational packet for your audience? You can also create a brochure or postcard for your clients.

Starting at $2500

Website Audit/Optimization

In our digital world, the importance of having a strong online presence simply cannot be overstated. This begins with your website. We can give your website a complete and thorough page by page analysis and provide you with a comprehensive, actionable report with recommendations for improvements. We can also create new copy for your website that is optimized for SEO.

Starting at $2400

Our Promise

We will only deliver the highest quality product we can. We will deliver on time and on budget. The job isn't done until you're satisfied with what we create. If it takes more than the two revisions then we will work at it until it's everything you asked for.  

Let's Get To Work!

You've been disappointed enough by working with unprofessional, mediocre freelancers and agencies. Working together with our team will be much easier than you think. What do you got to lose? Except time and frustration! 

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