The content your buyers need. Tailored to their goals.

When I work with you, I’m part of the team. I don’t work in a vacuum. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get dirty then I certainly am.

My writing is conversational, authoritative, and sprinkled with humor because who doesn’t love feeling good when they read?

Great content is always informative, authoritative, and most of all educates your leads.

So, sleazy, salesy content just will not work. Luckily for you I don’t write that crap 😊.

The content I specialize in are:

❇️ Email Sequences

❇️ Case Studies

❇️ White Papers

❇️ Blogs

I also do:

❇️ SEO

❇️ Content Marketing & Brand Strategy

❇️ Website Audits

Pricing List:

**I require a signed contract and 50% deposit**

Written Content:

  • Emails Sequences: $1200 and up, depending on number in the sequence.
  • Case Studies: $1450 for a two page case study. For a more in depth story the fee is higher.
  • White Papers: $3500 and up, depending on number of pages (this price is for a 6-7 page white paper) and amount of research.
  • Blogs: $750 for an 800w piece, $950 for 1000w. Long form blogs are priced higher.

Content Marketing & Brand Strategy:

Starting at $2000, depending on your company size and scope of research and interviews involved.

Learn more about Content Marketing and Brand Strategy

SEO & Website Audits:

SEO is an ongoing process and is not a “one and done” content piece.

It takes at minimum 12-24 months to see the results from SEO efforts. It can take less if you already have an established website and brand.

For that reason, this is a retainer based service that starts at $3500 per month, depending on the scope of work involved.

For website audits: $2500. This includes a complete multi-point inspection of every page of your site and a detailed report explaining my findings and recommendations for improvements.

Want to create better, higher converting content?